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Tourney Rules

The PVS has a unique set of Best Ball rules set forth in the spirit of Pete Valdez Sr.'s special brand of golf. So pay attention. And SERIOUSLY, don't cheat. 

Best Ball

Men Blue Tee’s

This is a beat ball Tournament, meaning everyone plays your team best shot

Example (for the first timers)

All players hit tee shot, and then go to the best shot by the team.

All players then take their next shot from that spot.

Continue this to the green, total strokes in the score for your team.

Do not play your own ball, only the team's best shot.

More Rules!

After your first hole, each team must use 4 tee shots for each player on team

The 18th tee is a free hole; all tee shots for players must be taken on holes 2 to 17

Mark an X by the hole number on scorecard for players tee shot used.

Keep team score on the bottom line of card.

 The Fine Print

Failure to mark every tee shot will result in your team not qualifying for team prizes

Exception: In memory of Pete Sr. your team plays the worst tee shot (In Fairway) when you play on hole #1 

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